GmGestions | Water treatment company in Barcelona

+34 625 333 123

C/ Pla De L’Estany, 47

08192 Sant Quirze del Vallès


+34 625 333 123

C/ Pla De L’Estany, 47

08192 Sant Quirze del Vallès

About us


About Us

GMGestions is a company with broad experience in the field of wastewater treatment. We produce and market a wide range of auxiliary products for the water purification process.

Technical service

We design industrial plants and implement, expand and monitor existing ones. We offer technical and maintenance services.

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Textile Industry Partners

GMGestions was created as a result of our extensive activity and experience as partners of the textile industry, and as we do not forget our origins, we also offer auxiliaries and dyes that help the textile ennoblement and chemical specialties.


Our Goals

We want to help companies create a synergy between industry, energy and environment to become sustainable.

High Demands

Our goal is to ensure that our products and services meet the high-quality standards demanded by the market.

Personalized Service

We are committed to research, development and innovation and maintaining an excellent value for money for each one of our customers.

Cost / Quality

We want our customers to achieve their goals with as little costs as possible and with the best quality through our chemical products, for all their developments, manufacture and subsequent marketing.

Unlike other companies, we are committed to our designs’ added value. We surround ourselves with the most qualified partners to offer a global service that allows us to design plants that are energy self-sufficient, providing them with the software required to control and collect data that allows us to save on maintenance costs.


Environment and

We believe in the environment and its sustainability, and that is why we are committed to recovering and giving wastewater a second life.

We are committed to natural purification with plants in less industrial facilities and for individuals.


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