GmGestions | Water treatment company in Barcelona

+34 625 333 123

C/ Pla De L’Estany, 47

08192 Sant Quirze del Vallès


+34 625 333 123

C/ Pla De L’Estany, 47

08192 Sant Quirze del Vallès



Product Range

Design and installation of wastewater treatment plants. Marketing of products for treatment GLOBAL SERVICE.


✓ Technology based on organic polymers.
✓ Obtaining clarifications in all types of water.


✓ Suitable for all processes and types of water.
✓ Also for the treatment of sludge dewatering in all its variants.

Defoamers and Deaerators

✓ Versatility of formulations for all applications and requirements.
✓ Formulas designed to protect the installations.

Special Polymer Sludge Dehydration

✓ Product specifically designed for the optimization of sludge dewatering.
✓ Higher productivity and lower treatment costs.


✓ All-in-one products.
✓ They simplify the physical-chemical treatment obtaining a very high performance with a minimum installation.
✓ Suitable for low flows and discontinuous work.


✓ Bacteria and enzymes for biological plants.
✓ Metal precipitators, odor inhibitors and deodorants.
✓ Anti-fouling.
✓ Filter bags and filter cloths for filter presses


✓ Physical-Chemical Roughing

Grease separators.

Separadores de hidrocarburos.

Primary and Secondary Treatment

✓ Homogenization, coagulation, flocculation and storage tanks.

✓ Lamellar and trunk-cone decanters.

Biological reactors.

✓ Compact biological filter purifiers.

✓ Customized compact purification treatment.

✓ SBR polyester purifiers.

✓ Oxidation purifiers with de-nitrification and decanter.

✓ Filter press and centrifuges.

Tertiary Treatment

✓ Water filtration and disinfection processes for re-use


✓ Automatic electrolyte preparers, sample logs, dosing and pumping pumps.

Big-Bag holder.

✓ In-line additive mixing systems.