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+34 625 333 123

C/ Pla De L’Estany, 47

08192 Sant Quirze del Vallès

Wastewater Treatment

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    Wastewater Treatment

    Wastewater treatment consists in clarifying and purifying the water so that the contaminants it contains are reduced below the maximum levels required by the legislation governing the area of influence of the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP).


    Given our great experience in the sector we are able to design all types of installations and treatments that allow us to eliminate all the contaminants found in water in a sustainable way, and to find, through innovation and very creative solutions the perfect synergy between industry, energy and the environment. We make them sustainable and we adapt to our customers’ every particularity. Our chemicals are designed from our treasured field of experience and obviously

    Biological Treatments:

    Especially suitable for highly biodegradable waters where the reduction of BOD5 is very important. To such end, we propose different solutions where oxidation and its controlled phases combined with the action of bacteria make the purification excellent. We offer: SBR systems (activated sludge reactors) with cyclic operation and high performance. With decanting and/or nitrification and denitrification systems.


    MBR systems, membrane bioreactors that through their constant fine bubble system, offer high performance in all types of spaces. Advisable when the reuse the water is required. Extended aeration biological reactors, which allow us to obtain very good results at very low costs. Vertical or horizontal, anaerobic or aerobic.

    Natural Treatments:

    Natural, biological and sustainable purification system with very low maintenance costs based on artificial wetlands or marshes with natural plants that purify water naturally by taking advantage of the production of natural bacteria. Vertical and horizontal. Very suitable for small installations where sustainability or integration with the landscape is important. Natural water pools can be created.

    Chemical Products:

    Our products are designed to satisfy any industrial sector, guaranteeing maximum care and protection of the environment. We are committed to environmental conservation and safety.

    Coagulants Flocculants
    Defoaming agents
    Descaling agents
    Odor inhibitors
    Specific products

    Deposit Tanks
    We install all types of deposit tanks adapted to any installation. Vertical and horizontal. Manufactured in PRVF, PE, INOX . Homogenization tanks with incorporated pumping, tanks with aeration, tanks with agitator to coagulate or flocculate, sludge thickeners with agitation and cover.
    Roughing Manholes
    To be installed at the head of the WWTP, preventing large solids from entering and thus protecting the equipment.
    Meter Boxes
    For physical-sample drawing
    Grease Separators
    Separation by time phases that separate water from fat thanks by difference in density, suitable for the precooking industry, restaurants, hotels.
    Hydrocarbon Separators
    Compact equipment that separate hydrocarbons and oils from water through decantation and flotation, have built-in desanders that by difference in density solve the problems generated by car washes, gas stations, workshops, scrapyards.

    Sludge Dehydration:

    Since dehydration is necessary in all WWTPs, we help to choose the most suitable for each particular case:

    Filter press dewatering of the sludge by pressure and forming of cakes on the plates.

    Centrifugal dewatering by centrifuging the sludge up to the maximum water removal.

    Big-Bag filtration dewatering system through filter-bags with a water passage very few microns large that allows retaining solids. Small, low-demand installations.

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